Newcastle, Beamish and Metro Centre

In this week and last week, we visited Newcastle, Beamish Museum and the Metro Centre.

In Newcastle, we visited Discovery Museum. Image

The museum contains the marvelous Turbinia, which was the first vessel to be powered by steam turbine. She was was designed by the Tyneside engineer Sir Charles Parsons in 1894 and was the world’s first ship to be powered by steam turbines. Until 1899, Turbinia was also the fastest ship in the world, reaching speeds of up to 34.5 knots.

We learned further about some of the other great inventions that were invented in the north of England, for example the lightbulb by Joseph Swan.

We then visited the Baltic, which was highly interesting. We learned that the River Tyne had 22 main bridges crossing it and that a famous song has been made about the River Tyne, Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne.


The above picture is a beautiful picture of the Blinking Eye bridge that crosses the River Tyne. It only costs £4 to ‘open’ the bridge.

On that day, we should have been visiting the Angel of the North, but we did not. Though, I do have some interesting information about the Angel.

The Angel of the North is a huge construction, as it is 20 meters tall. It is totally made of steel, but because of rust it has become totally brown/red, which actually gives it a different and interesting look. The Angel has not been painted, as it should celebrate and represent the mining community.Image

The Angel of the North is situated on the southern edge of Low Fell, and it has once been wearing a huge copy of Alan Shearer’s football shirt.

I love the Angel of the North, as its rusty outside creates a raw style, but still it rise above all and embrace everything with its huge wings. It is simply a strong and emotional construction.

The week after the visit to Newcastle, we visited Beamish Museum and the Metro Centre.

The Beamish Museum is an open-air museum located at Beamish. The museum tries to provide an example of everyday life under the industrialization in urban and rural North East England.Image

The museum consists of a town with 1913 buildings, such as the Annfield Plain Co-Operative Store, professional houses, a pub, a branch office, a sweet shop, a garage and a branch of Barclays Banks. You will also find a typical North Eastern Railway Station from 1913 and a home farm, which the museum is working on converting into representing a 1940’s wartime setting.

The weather was not optimal for enjoying the museum to the fullest, but if you are interested in this kind of history, then it is the perfect museum. You will be able to smell, see, feel and hear the ‘old’ North Eastern England. It is a well done museum, definitely!

After the visit to the Beamish Museum, we headed towards the Metro Centre.


Metro Centre is located in Gateshead and it is Europe’s largest shopping mall. It has more than 340 shops occupying 2,093,000 square feet of retail floor space. It is huge!

The centre opened in 1986 and is now a part of Intu Properties.

We have therefore been experiencing a lot on just two weeks… and it has been great!



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