For 2 weeks ago, we were visiting Bradford, a city with a population of around 400,000. The city is highly known for its ethnic population that is huge (22 percent of the population are not of British background).



At Bradford we visited Kala Sangam and Bradford National Media Museum.

Kala Sangam is a south Asian and collaborative arts organization. The goal of Kala Sangam is to increase understanding and appreciation of the south Asian culture, further creating awareness of racial, cultural and social issues. The company works with local and international artists, which brings a lot of art with them, such as dance, painting and music. 



When we visited the company, we were introduced to classic Indian dance and music. We did also taste classic Indian food, which was highly delicious.

After the visit to Kala Sangam, we visited Bradford National Media Museum. Image

At Bradford National Media Museum we created advertisement for the museum, which was highly interesting and fun.

The museum is a part of the Science Museum Group. The museum opened to visitors in 1983, but at that time it was called The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. The museum host temporary and permeant exhibitions on their seven floors. These exhibitions focus on photography, television, animation, video gaming, the internet and the scientific principles behind light and color.

Thus it was a highly interesting trip, which in my opinion was the best!



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