Durham County (Bowes Museum & Hartlepool Marina)

Last week we experienced Durham County.

First, we visited Bowes Museum, a highly beautiful museum! The museum is a huge French château, which is a manor house, and the château was created in the late 19th century. The museum houses different collection of fine European art that is from five centuries. 



The museum’s most important piece of art is the iconic Silver Swan that was created in the 18th century. The swan is a musical automaton and plays music every day at 2.00 pm. 


After the visit to Bowes Museum, we headed towards Hartlepool Marina.

Hartlepool Marina is a modern boating facility, but it does also contain a boat museum, where we were able to experience old ships from England.



All in all it was an average day, but I must say that the Bowes Museum was the most interesting.



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