Cragside & Seahouses

Yesterday, we visited Cragside and Seahouses.

Cragside consisted of Cragside House, Gardens and Woodland. Cragside House was the home for the famous Lord Armstrong, and the estate was called, ‘a palace of the modern magician‘. The estate was as amazing as Lord Armstrong himself. Lord Armstrong, or William George Armstrong, was a Victorian inventor and industrialist. He built Newcastle’s Swing Bridge and the hydraulic mechanism that operates London’s Tower Bridge. Further, he created Cragside House, which was the first hydroelectricity house in the whole world. He did also plant over 7 million trees and create 5 lakes around the house.



Cragside Garden and Woodland consists of over 7 million trees, 5 lakes and Europe’s largest rock garden. As you can imagining it is a highly beautiful and exotic place.



After Cragside, we visited Seahouses.

Seahouses is a little and authentic fisher village. The village is mainly focused on fishing and we did not experiencing anything else than eating at a little cosy restaurant, but it was a highly beautiful scenery.



All in all, it was a nice and relaxed way to end the whole England trip, as this actually was the last trip with New College Durham. I must say that it has been a great experience and I will definitely recommend England to others. This will, unfortunately, be my last post and I would like to thank all the teachers, planners etc. that have been a part of creating this experience.




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