Education in the UK is now struggling with different issues.

Michael Gove, Education Secretary, wants state schools to be as good as private ones, which will only be done by tests and longer hours. Mr. Gove wishes to increase the school hours to 10-hours per day. He did also call for more testing, including taking the entrance exam taken by 13 years olds in some private schools. Though, not all are in favor of this idea, for example the Liberal Democrats and Labour


Another discussion about education that is going on at the time in the UK is the student loan discussion. In the UK it costs a lot of money to go to college and other educational institutes, which means that most students will have to loan a lot of money. Though, students will only have to pay the money back, when they reach an income that is satisfying. This means that a lot of the money is not paid back, as the students never gain the income that is satisfying enough, meaning that a lot of students are in debt. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) estimates that the students’ debt to be up to 18 billion pounds. This is therefore a huge issue in the education system of England.

The last discussion that the English education system is discussing whether the English education system should be more like the Asian education system, as the scores of Asian students are way better than English students. Though, there are a lot of different opinions to this matter.


All in all, the English education system is different from the Danish and is dealing with a lot of problems and discussions.



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