Immigration and migration is an important part of the history of the UK. It all started with the Celtics and Picts that immigrated to the UK from year 250-1066 with the purpose of creating communities. Afterwards, the Romans immigrated, but they left again in the fifth century. Then the Vikings and Normans arrived to the UK.

When slavery was globalized from 1500-1700, meaning that the UK did also gather a lot of slaves from Africa. This created a huge immigration of Africans to the UK. After the end of slavery in 1833, the two world war occurred, which created a lot of men crossed the borders to the UK. Further, the UK had a work shortage, meaning that the UK promoted to other countries for people to immigrate to the UK, thus creating a greater workforce.

Today, most immigrants are refugees or people forced to move away from their country because of different reasons.

All this immigration has created a multicultural UK, where a lot different cultures live amongst each other. Though, it is not in fully peace that the cultures live, as a lot of racial hate and violence occur. Even though,  immigration to the UK will probably still occur, as globalization is making the world smaller and smaller, making it easier for people to cross borders. This will affect not only economy, but also societies.



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